Feminism, Cows, and Commodity Markets

cow sketch with text no 3

I drew this cow on the weekend while on a camping trip. I also finished reading ‘Frog Music’, by Emma Donoghue, based on real characters and events in San Francisco in 1876, and I made good progress with another book I am loving, called ‘The Gift’, which explores the history of gift-giving verses commodity markets, as well as the spiritual and creative aspects of ‘gifts’.

I just finished reading a chapter in The Gift called ‘A Female Property’, about the concept of women as commodities, which was a theme very much explored in Frog Music, with the main character being an exotic dancer and prostitute…although she never quite puts it in those words, preferring to think of herself as terribly modern and chic, a free woman living a bohemian lifestyle with her adored lover. She sells her body, he encourages her, and the money she makes funds his love of luxury. He doesn’t have to work- his ‘work’ is gambling.

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