Caramel Icecream


This is one of the quickest and easiest desserts you can make. I don’t measure things much so these are approximations: taste as you go!

*Peel and freeze 1 banana overnight

*Remove the banana from the freezer and put it in your blender/food processor. You can break it up into smaller pieces if you let it defrost slightly.

*Add 1-2 heaped tablespoons of nut butter… like tahini, almond, or cashew paste for example. I used brazil, cashew and almond spread in this one!

*Add 4 dates (pitted). If this isn’t sweet enough you can add a sprinkle of stevia (or extra dates!)

*Add a pinch of salt

*Blend everything together and abracadabra, you have caramel ice-cream!

Oh, and you can sprinkle it with cacao nibs to make it look pretty at the end, like I have. xxx

Coffee Caramel Cake in Ireland

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA10-15 pitted dates (medjool and/or organic)

1 and a half cups of almonds

Combine and pulse together in food processor until the mix becomes crumbly. Taste test for preferred level of sweetness- add dates gradually as you go. If your dates are a bit dry, the mix won’t be sticky enough so you will need to add a little water, or pre-soak the dates.

1 cup of almond paste

1 vanilla pod (or some vanilla essence)

4-6 dates

pinch of salt

Blend together in food processor, until it becomes smooth. Add water if you need to. Again, taste as you go: I’m writing this recipe from memory! Spread over the base and put in freezer while you are preparing the next layer.

Teaspoon of coffee. (I used a mix of real and dacaf)

Heaped tablespoon of cacoa or cocoa

1 cup of hazelnut spread

approx 6-8 dates

A handfulor walnuts

A heaped teaspoon or two of coconut oil

Blend everything together in food processor until relatively smooth. Add water if need be. Spread over the previous two layers and put in the freezer to set. Cut into chunks when set.