Keeping your blood sugar stable

Have you ever had a naturopath say “you need to keep your blood sugar steady”? There can be lots of reasons for doing this, such as improving energy levels, mental clarity and mood, and reduced cravings for unhealthy food options like refined sugar.

When your blood sugar drops, you can feel tired, foggy in the head, grumpy or anxious, and shaky. Our instinctive solution is to eat, which is perfect, but we tend to opt for fast-sugar (refined sugar) fixes, which just exacerbates the problem. And some people reach for other pick-me-ups like caffeine, cigarettes and drugs.

Why might blood sugar drop in the first place? Usually because you haven’t eaten enough, you’ve gone too long without eating, or your meal choices are making your blood sugar rise too high and too quickly, with a rebounding drop.  Continue reading