If you are interested in receiving a monthly newsletter based on topics drawn from each of my three websites, read through the proposed content below. If you like the sound of the content, go to my newsletter archive and click the ‘newsletter’ button in the right-side column. I am in the midst of designing the first newsletter, due out in March.


*Updates regarding products, services, pricing, holidays, the waiting list and whether or not Om is currently taking on new clients.

Most Popular Blogs

*A brief introduction and links back to the most popular blogs from each of the following websites :

Aura Colours, Chakras and Healing: This is Omanisa’s primary business site, featuring blogs about healing, aura colours, chakras, psychic perception, mindfulness, therapeutic story telling, spirit guides and creative writing.

Wildflower Spirit Journeys: A companion resource for Omanisa’s ‘Wildflower Spirit’ books, this site features blogs about Omanisa’s adventures with wildflower spirits, her bush walks, family history and up-coming flower books.

Holism, Health, Whole-food Veganism and Kindness: The blog for this site includes articles on topics such as veganism, whole plant foods, herbal medicine, naturopathy, recipes, inspiring vegans (e.g. athletes, doctors etc), environmental issues, kindness, empathy and holism .

Aura Colours, Chakras and Self-Care

*A specific chakra and aura colour. Omanisa writes about the mind body conditions and issues associated with that chakra/colour. The rest of the newsletter content is based on this colour-based theme.

Whole-Foods Nutrition

*Updates about health and nutrition, plant-based whole-food recipes, plant-based professionals (e.g. dieticians, chefs, athletes, etc), and naturopathic whole-foods treatment for health conditions.

Herbal Medicine

*Phytonutrients and their herbal actions, specific herbs and their therapeutic qualities, herbs for specific health conditions and the link between herbs, chakras, personality and emotional health.

All in the Mind

*The power of the mind (e.g. imagination, creative visualisation etc), stress-management skills, mindfulness, meditation, neuroscience and positive psychology.

Om’s Essences

*A gem and/or flower essence specific to the chakra and colour being explored throughout the newsletter.



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