Plant-based Health Coaching


Whole-foods Plant-based Naturopath

Omanisa is a food-as-medicine nutritional educator who specialises in using plant-based whole-foods to improve the quality of people’s health and wellbeing. A Plant-based whole-food diet is well-respected as an effective way to prevent and reverse the chronic diseases that are the primary causes of suffering and death in first-world societies, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

In a study published in 2014, which followed 198 people with cardiovascular disease for 3.7 years, 99.4% of the participants were able to avoid a heart attack by following a plant-based diet made up of fruit, vegetables, beans, lentils, quinoa etc. Of the 21 participants who didn’t stick with the diet, 62% had a heart attack. When people with cardiovascular disease follow a plant-based diet, their blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugars normalise and their arterial plaque disappears.

Plant-based whole-food diets are also associated with healthy weight loss, reduction in inflammation, improved mental and emotional health, and better antioxidant status. Elite athletes around the world are increasingly turning to a plant-based diet, because the improved recovery time after training and events enhances their overall performance.


-You have heart disease, early warning signs of heart disease (eg obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood lipids etc), or you have a family history of heart disease and want to focus on prevention.

-You have type 2 diabetes, high blood sugar, insulin resistance, trouble regulating blood sugar, or a family history of diabetes and you want to focus on prevention.

-You are a junk-food vegan or vegetarian who doesn’t eat enough whole-foods, and you don’t feel healthy (eg gut, skin, immune and energy problems).

-You are new to veganism, and you need dietary guidance, especially in regard to preventing deficiencies, or you feel traumatised by animal cruelty and social apathy in regard to animal cruelty.

-You’re an athlete who is curious about using a plant-based whole-foods diet to improve performance.

-You’re passionate about using food as a medicine for the prevention of chronic disease and the treatment of day-to-day ailments.

-You would like to improve your digestive health, the quality of your diet, and learn more about gut flora and a healthy microbiome.

-You would like to gain more insight into the connections between stress, emotions, illness and health.

-You would like to develop your mindfulness skills to change deeply ingrained behaviours that lead to illness and unhealthy lifestyle choices.


Consultation Fees

$150 for your first consultation
If you have friends or family who want to attend, the fee can be shared between you.

Follow Up Consultations :

Long: $135

Short: $70