Self-Care Seminar

At Charles Darwin University (Darwin, Australia)

…on Ellengowan Drive, in Casuarina

The seminar is being held in Lecture Theatre Blue 5.1.01

On Thursday, 31 May 2018 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm (ACST)


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A message from the facilitators:self-care seminar logo

What is self care? What might good enough self care look like? Is it all about meditating, peace, love and mung beans?
It certainly has become a hot topic over the last few years! Every 44 seconds someone googles the 59,100,000 searches “self care”. So why is it so important? Why are so many people desperately searching for self care help? Is it because people are predominantly doing more than they ever done and feeling less and less good about themselves? Is it because there never seems like there are enough hours in the day let alone minutes to attend to self care?

We actually believe millions of people are looking for self care help because self-neglect has become the new norm, and sadly an ingrained way of being.

Which is why we support our clients to shift the focus back to self care. Little by little, day by day, it IS doable!

You see good self care simply means discovering ways to take better care of ourselves. Good quality self care practices can bring out the best in us, helping us blossom and bloom into the fullness of our potentials. They can also be the vital ingredients that helps us adapt with dignity and grace, in the face of stress and hardship, rather than crumbling under the strain.

Do you have good self care practices? Can you imagine what consistent good self care practices could do for you?

In this seminar, you will hear about the self-care techniques we and many of our clients have found helpful in our quest to live healthier, more meaningful, peaceful and fulfilling lives. We’ll share with you some of the methods we use for transforming bad habits into good ones, and how to recover when your self-care practices fall by the wayside.

We also want to facilitate space to hear from you. So we are facilitating a Q and A where you can ask questions about the challenges you might be facing with your own self care and even share what works for you. This seminar is intended to inspire and motivate self care actions.

As our way of supporting you on your self-care journey, we have put together a Self-Care Checklist and a secret bonus for you!

“When we take good care of ourselves, everything else falls effortlessly into place.”

About Om and Bron:

Between us, we have over 40 years professional experience guiding and supporting others on their self-care journeys, whilst carefully tending to our own! Like many of our clients, we’ve learned important life-lessons about setting healthy boundaries and developing healthy self-care habits, rather than neglecting ourselves. We’ve learned that true happiness and fulfilment comes not from having more, doing more, earning more, achieving more… but from slowing down, pacing ourselves and finding balance in our lives.

The Super Hero

I had a lovely morning talking with my daughter and she has inspired some blogs. Here’s the first one, before I forget everything she told me!

“I don’t understand. You get these people who go vegan, but they haven’t done their research and they aren’t eating properly, and they get sick, and then instead of fixing up their diet, they just decide veganism is bad for them and they stop altogether. Where’s the sense in that?

It’s like being a super hero and burning out because you are saving too many people and doing it all night when you should be sleeping. So you go to the doctor and you ask him for advice and he says ‘Oh you should stop being a super hero, it’s bad for you’.

If you really loved helping and saving people, you wouldn’t accept a lame kind of response like that. You’d think ‘This doctor is useless. If he was a decent doctor, he’d say ‘Let me help you organise your time and energy better, and set some limits on how much work you do and when, so that you can keep doing what you love’.” Continue reading