Becoming Vegan

In this section of my site, I’ve collated a series of pages on all things vegan. This page gives you some tips on becoming vegan, while most of the others explore common nutrition concerns many people have when first considering veganism. The last two tabs take a deep dive into two vegan themes I personally find fascinating. 

Transition Techniques for Beginners

If you are completely new to the idea of veganism and you have a lot of animal products in your diet, you might like to start with one or more of the following approaches:

*Learn 1 new vegan recipe a week. You might think that eliminating foods from your diet is restrictive but it isn’t really; veganism opens you up to an enormous variety of previously undiscovered plant foods and innovative cooking techniques that make like life richer and bring your palate to life. You might search for recipes on-line or buy a vegan recipe book. I’ll be adding more recipes to this site and a page listing helpful food websites and authors.

*Make one meal a day vegan. For example, you might start with having a daily vegan breakfast. Once you have explored your vegan breakfast options and it has become easy and enjoyable for you to do this, start veganising your lunches, and then your dinners, then desserts (mind you, starting with desserts first might be more fun if you are a sweet-tooth!)

*Try PCRM’s 21 day kickstart challenge. Designed by doctors, this program is tailored to an American audience, but it’s still very helpful for everyone else because it includes so much support (e.g. tips, recipes, a book, an app, nutrition webcasts, a support forum, etc)

*Try a vegan health retreat.  e.g. Embracing Health (au)

Other On-line Resources:

7 day vegan

Vegetarian Victoria (au)

Happy Cow’s ‘becoming vegetarian’

Brendan Braziers 10 day ‘no meat athlete’ program

Almost Vegan?

Perhaps you already have the food side of things worked out but you’ve been growing in awareness when it comes to animal rights and environmental issues. If this is the case, you might want to consider going fully vegan. I’m going to add another section soon listing all the non-vegan foods you might want to avoid, that might be a little more hidden from view. Vegans become expert ingredients list checkers and during the early phases we often make mistakes and suddenly realise we’ve been unknowingly eating something we’d rather not have been, like horses hooves used to make jelly, or the milk and eggs used to prepare some wines.

And then our thoughts naturally start turning to other issues like the clothes we’re wearing, the bedding we’re sleeping on, and whether our personal-care products have been tested on animals. Please don’t overwhelm yourself! Just take one step at a time. Be kind and patient with yourself. Just do what you can and what you are ready to do. You are already making such a big difference!

Establishing Support Networks

When you first begin a new journey and you are making choices that set you apart from family, friends and the mainstream, it can feel isolating and overwhelming if you don’t take time to build new support networks around you. Here are some ideas:

*Find and join your local vegan society

*Listen to vegan podcasts

*Subscribe to vegan magazines

*Attend local vegan events

*Find a vegan friend you can talk to

*Read books by vegan authors


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