Pineapple, pistachio and passionfruit cake


Bottom Layer

3/4 cup of whole oats

1/4 cup of caramelised buckwheat groats

1/2 cup of pistachio nuts

3 figs

10 dates

Blend the first three ingredients until the oats are like a rough powder or flour. Add the dates and figs. Make sure the date pips and the stem of the figs are moved. Blend until the mixture becomes sticky and then press this into the bottom of a cake tin (the kind with clips on the side where you can loosen the walls away from the base after the cake has frozen and ready to eat). 

Middle Layer

2 cups of cashews

2 cups of chopped and frozen pineapple

5 pitted dates

2 tablespoons of lemon juice

1/4 teaspoon of lemon rind

Blend all ingredients until the mixture becomes smooth. I add the dates gradually throughout the blending process so that there are still some chunky dates pieces left in the final mix. I prefer some chunkiness in my cakes! Spoon this mixture into your cake tin. 

Top Layer

3-4 passionfruit

Cut the passion fruits open and spoon the mixture on to the top of the cake, then spread it evenly with a knife. Freeze and serve when the cake has hardened. 


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, pineapple is considered hot and damp. It’s used to balance heat patterns in the body/aura, improve digestion, reduce thirst, calm irritability and stop diarrhoea.

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