My adventures into the land of raw vegan cake making have been a lot of fun. It definitely surprises people when they taste vegan desserts and realise you can have sweet, creamy, flavours and textures without making yourself, the planet and animals sick.

It fascinates me that the power of taste so often over-rides all other concerns! Food can be addictive, just like drugs.

I’ve been meaning to get around to making some realistic cheeses for a long time and have been recently inspired by stories from my friend Jenni about her forays into this area. I’m not particularly interested in cheese myself. Not having eaten it for such a long time, it isn’t something I think about, except when I’m trying to avoid it when eating out. But I’m always looking for new healthy foods to feed my husband so that he doesn’t go looking for unhealthy alternatives when he’s out in the world.

He’s a vegan cake convert now; when you have a never-ending supply of the most amazing home-made restaurant quality cakes and you never quite know what you are going to find in the freezer next…. and when you can eat them to your heart’s content without making yourself feel sick and you still lose weight….. and it’s guilt-free….

What’s not to love?


So today I thought I’d get started on a range of dips and cheeses. I started with cheese. I figured the principles were pretty much the same as the cakes… a bit like the cheese-cakes I make, but with salt instead of sugar. Easy. So I found some almond meal that needed using, and some macadamia nuts, added some lemon, salt and nutritional yeast, stuck it in the blender and minutes later had cheese. It should be illegal for it to be so easy.

If it’s that easy, what on earth are we doing? Dairy isn’t good for us. We don’t need it for calcium. It doesn’t help our bones. It totally confuses the gut and the immune system, causing inflammation, man-boobs, hormone-dependant cancers, reproductive imbalances, skin rashes (e.g. acne and eczema)…. and oh the list goes on! Want your tonsils out? How about your appendix? Prostate cancer anyone?

It’s baby calf growth formula. It’s breast milk for baby cows. Would you suck on the nipple of a cow’s udder? We are adult humans, not baby cows. Dairy is neither necessary or natural.

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