Om’s lentil patty recipe


These are always popular with non-vegan family and friends because they have a familiar and reassuring meat-like texture and flavour.

You can use tinned lentils, or cook your own from scratch. When I cook them myself, I tend to flavour them with spices as though I were making a dahl.

Use 3 to 4 cups of cooked lentils. The trick is to make sure they aren’t too wet before you start adding the other ingredients. They need to be well drained.

1 finely cut onion.

Instead of eggs, use 1-2 heaped teaspoons of Organ’s egg replacement powder. This helps the mix stick together, but mashing the lentils slightly as you blend everything together really helps too. If you use too much egg replacement powder, your patties will become rubbery.

For flour, you can use Orgran’s gravy powder or a gluten free flour. Start with a couple of heaped tablespoons. Taste test as you go to make sure it doest become too salty. If you use the gravy powder, you won’t need to add any salt. If you have use plain flour, add salt or all purpose seasoning.

My favourite flavours to add are a fairly generous splash of cumin (at least 1 teaspoon), and an equal quantity of rosemary leaves. I don’t know why, but these two combined make for a really good flavour.

This is a truly indulgent food guaranteed to make the inner child happy. Just like raw vegan cakes! *happy sigh* And for a bit more happy indulgence, cook them so they are crispy. The crispy outside makes all the difference, eliciting groans of pure happiness from your guests. Well what do you know, maybe vegans don’t starve themselves after all!? Haha!

I could have made a vegan cheese to go with these but I’m mad about avocados, so I made a delectably thick avocado dressing to go with this meal. My avocado mash contains lemon juice from my own back yard, garlic, and a little salt.

(The patties are often nicer if you add plenty of finely chopped onion, some chopped mushroom, and some even some breadcrumbs.)

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