Coconut Cheese Cake


Last friday a friend gave me some fresh young coconut meat that she was given by a man at the local markets. This was an ingredient I had tried previously to source with no luck, so I was absolutely delighted by her gift and it inspired an evening spent in the kitchen being creative.

First I made a coconut cheese cake with the fresh young coconut meat. No nuts! Lots of people are allergic to nuts so it’s lovely to invent dessert recipes that don’t include them. My recipe was inspired by Emily’s von Euw’s coconut cheese cake recipes, but I changed a few things! The problem is, I can’t find the envelope I scribbled this recipe down on so I’m going on memory here. This place is crazy at the moment with us packing for the Europe trip!


1 cup of toasted buckwheat groats

10 pitted medjool dates

Combine these in food processor until it clumps together nicely, then spread it onto the bottom of a spring form cake tin.

2 and a half cups of fresh young coconut meat. This isn’t the hard chewy stuff- it’s the soft, melt in your mouth stuff that comes from less mature coconuts.

2 tablespoons of lemon juice

3-5 pitted medjool dates, depending on your sweet tooth! (my cooking rule: taste as you go!)

Blend these in the food processor and then spread the mix over the first layer.

After I made the cheese cake, I pulled out a banana chocolate cake out of the freezer. I had made it a week ego but some tactical errors had resulted in a flavour that just wasn’t working for me. The great thing about frozen cakes is that you can (I have just discovered), recycle them. I broke this cake into chunks and put it back into the food processor, adding coconut milk, walnuts and cacao, until the flavour shifted.

Then I used half of this mix to make to make a new chocolate cake, and the other half as a base to create some dehydrated biscuits for our plane flight… just in case. We selected ‘raw’ as the menu option but you never know. Is honey raw? Might they somehow give me something raw that has gluten in it? I hope not! But not to worry, we have home-made emergency food, just in case.

Then, in amongst all of this busy flurry, I made a new cheese.

All of my food is vegan, gluten free and contains no refined sugar. I’m not a raw foodie, I just love making raw vegan salads, cakes and cheeses. As much as possible, I use organic whole foods rather than processed foods or food ingredients that have been isolated from whole foods and concentrated. Apologies: no recipe for the chocolate cake (too complicated!), or for the cheese, but you can easily google Emily von Euw for chocolate cake recipes and here is a link for some vegan cheese recipes.

The dehydrated biscuits contain a range of nuts, seeds, slippery elm powder, bananas, coconut milk, dates, cacao and flower petals. No dairy, no refined sugar, no wheat.

PS The coconut cheese cake was a bit hit!




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